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Petition has been closed

Dear all, the AGC has urged against public discussion on this matter. In order not to risk sub judice contempt or have anyone, including myself implicated, I have no choice but to close the petition. This petition was set up independently on 11 Jan 2013. It started slowly but eventually gained momentum and garnered more … Continue reading

A petition to support the keeping of 377A

A petition to support the keeping of 377A can be signed here. We believe all minorities, including the LGBTs, are as entitled as anyone else to basic human rights. But it is quite a different thing altogether to promote any group’s private beliefs – culminated into practices and cultural behaviour, into mainstream society. Fact is, … Continue reading

The line of legitimacy between heterosexuality and homosexuality must be clearly defined by law

An interesting article that I first read on http://zionvsyavan.posterous.com/. The below article will show you how ridiculous things are in the United States. Basically, one person’s preference to exhibit himself freely has overwritten everyone’s rights, including 6 year old girls who have to contend with the sight of a male’s sexual organ –  even if … Continue reading