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Letter to Today: I am not Lawrence Khong

Dear Today, I refer to your article published on 15-Feb titled, “Islamic association calls HPB’s FAQ insensitive to prevailing view on homosexuality”. In the article, you wrote that Lawrence Khong “said he had started an online petition to garner 25,000 signatures.” I have checked Lawrence Khong’s facebook post. He did not say that he had … Continue reading

Misrepresented by ST: Why I started my petition

I read the ST today and felt that the writer has not represented me correctly. Propaganda is when you read a piece of news and it has been engineered in a way to make you take a certain side. The side that you would have taken as a ST subscriber, on reading their 2 news … Continue reading

Red Alert! HPB embraces and publishes Kinseyan’s fraud science

(Straight to Petition) It has come to my notice that the Health Promotion Board has published a series of Q&A on the topic of homosexuality and titled it, “FAQs on Sexuality” on their website. Coming from an agency like HPB, many are going to assume that it will be a reliable source of truths and … Continue reading