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Dear Vincent Wijeysingha…

Dear Vincent Wijeysingha,

I am sorry to hear about your ordeal.

What you went through is not something any teen should go through.

What that priest did is thoroughly deserving of condemnation. It is not your fault to have experienced that and to a certain extent, I agree with you that it might have even been partly the church leadership’s fault – if and only if – they had already known the priest’s inclination; and is aware or negligent about his inability to play his role of authority responsibly and maturely because of it.

Of course, for that priest, he has to be responsible for his actions – his deeds have to be exposed, so that he will not have any more avenues to harm other vulnerable children again – I hope you can do that.

But, I believe his faith does not condone this, and so judging all Catholics and condemning the universal Church is not what I can agree with.

After all, this might not be a priest who is sincere about his faith; or he actually is sincere but struggles with same-sex attraction. Yes. If you have not realised, he is most probably a LGBT, like you too, since he is a male who takes an interest in males.

From here, I hope you see that we do not discriminate any persons on basis on their sexual inclination, yet this is a clear example of why some actions or behaviours ought not to be promoted in society.

A study on childhood and adolescent molestation found rates of homosexual sexual abuse reported by homosexual adults to be almost 7 times higher for homosexual men, and 22 times higher for homosexual women, compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

This strongly suggests that minors can be sexualised towards homosexuality upon exposure to homosexual stimulus or homosexual abuse.

Hence, a culture that promotes or normalises homosexuality or homosexual stimulus, will lead to more incidences of child molestation and abuse. As a sociologist and as someone familiar with the gay subculture, you should understand that young homosexuals are well sought after. And in countries where sodomy has been decriminalised, the age of consent for sex is pushed to be lowered.

Facts and statistics like these affirmatively call for the law to protect our minors from homosexual stimulus or abuse. This strongly supports the cause for the law to continue to draw a distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

If the law fails to distinguish that, but instead, see homosexual sex as equal with heterosexual sex, it will then be a matter of time before same-sex marriage gets passed. Same-sex marriage will lead to same-sex parenting, which means that the child is forced to miss out on a mother or a father.

This is a structural injustice.

While there are already tragic situations where a child does not have a mother or a father, these are never situations we wish upon a child. And it is not a situation governments should impose on a child.

Legalising same sex marriage will institute the motherless family, or the fatherless family, and inflict that deprivation on those children.

Hence, in the matter of the law distinguishing between homosexual sex and heterosexual sex, we are not just choosing between public good or individual sexual freedom; we are also forced to choose between giving priority to children’s rights, or to homosexual adults’ claims.

It is precisely for this reason of not wanting more innocent children like you harmed in future, and for the structural protection of children, that we stand for pro-family values and for the moral compass of our nation to stay strong. This again highlights the importance of the role of the law on moral issues. It also highlights once again, the importance of 377A.

It is interesting that with your confession, you have actually, indirectly supported us on this point.

So Vincent, would you please kindly consider the children, who are innocent, before you push to remove 377A, or stand on the side of PinkDot?

I am urging you in this, lest you err as the priest did to you, indirectly and unknowingly.

377A is integral to children’s rights. If you know what kind of feeling it is to have been compromised, why create a culture that can only increase the incidents of such happenings?

I know it has been painful for you, but do we want to see our children to go through that same pain?

One child abused is one too many. Let us stand for truth together. Let us stand for love together. Let us stand for children – whom we have all been before, and can hence empathize with, and so for their sake, lay down the agenda to advance our own sexual rights. Instead, let’s choose boldly and courageously, to defend children’s rights.

For the love of those who are same-sex attracted, for the love of children, for humanity and for our nation, let’s be bold to choose the part of us that wants truth, and to educate truth together, to those in need around us, even in our weaknesses and imperfections.

For your consideration.

I wish you well.



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