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NUS group’s Social Policies Forum – really about Families?

A certain social political group in NUS has organised a forum to talk about families. It is titled, “Social Policies Forum – Our Families”. From their blog and website, this is what the forum is about: Families is an extremely sensitive subject in today’s world. The organisers of this forum seem to understand this and … Continue reading

Knocking over Straw Man – NUS Scientists make unremarkable arguments

Dr Wong Peiyuan’s letter, co-signed by 13 other Academic scientists from NUS and Yale-NUS, is a most unremarkable one. Allow me to quote their letter in full but by breaking their arguments down into paragraphs: AS ACADEMIC scientists working in the life sciences, we are alarmed by the claims in the controversial Focus on the Family relationship … Continue reading

Hwa Chong Institution saga – The Real Issue

Many people have misunderstood the main issue in the heart of the Hwa Chong Institution saga. They believed that because the program had been ineffective, Agatha has been justified in saying what she had said publicly in her letter to her principal. It must however be noted that Agatha’s complain (reproduced at the bottom) was … Continue reading

Step into others’ shoes if you want others to step into yours – A response to Jaxe Pan

It is not unknown knowledge that there are differentiating criteria (income ceiling; citizenship vs non-citizenship; first time applicants vs second time applicants) with regards to public housing – because of its high demand yet limited supply. These differentiating criteria are there precisely to prevent abuse e.g. foreigners making quick profits at local’s expense; and to … Continue reading

Penguins Roy and Silo are not homosexuals – the truth behind the true story

Authors are seldom neutral to begin with. For example, the authors of the book, “And Tango Makes Three”, are hardly unbiased when they wrote their book. They clearly intended to communicate a certain message. It is a message that promotes same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples. This is a message that would certainly raise … Continue reading

Dear Vincent Wijeysingha…

Dear Vincent Wijeysingha, I am sorry to hear about your ordeal. What you went through is not something any teen should go through. What that priest did is thoroughly deserving of condemnation. It is not your fault to have experienced that and to a certain extent, I agree with you that it might have even … Continue reading

PinkDot or Wearwhite? A choice between rhetoric or truth

Rhetoric is powerful, but it cannot hide facts. At first glance, the statement issued by “members of civil society”, which is signed by 217 individuals and 9 organisations like Maruah, AWARE and the Free Community Church, appears to stand for a side advocating for the love and care of LGBT individuals. In their statement, they … Continue reading

Becoming a transsexual solves issues of transgenderism. Really?

The recent spotlight on the breakdown of the marriage between a transsexual and “his” wife points to the need for a deeper look into methods of helping a transgender rather than the simple solution often proposed rhetorically by LGBT activists. LGBT activists spearhead the rhetoric that accepting homosexuality is the be all and end all … Continue reading

Shame on “The Real Singapore” for publishing compromising photos of minors

Now here’s the picture “The Real Singapore” painted: A PE teacher who’s too free or perhaps is having a break; he carries a handphone around and is able to snap close shots of male students kissing each other without them noticing. Then, this teacher wrote in to the TRS and sends in his private photo … Continue reading

Letter to Today: I am not Lawrence Khong

Dear Today, I refer to your article published on 15-Feb titled, “Islamic association calls HPB’s FAQ insensitive to prevailing view on homosexuality”. In the article, you wrote that Lawrence Khong “said he had started an online petition to garner 25,000 signatures.” I have checked Lawrence Khong’s facebook post. He did not say that he had … Continue reading